We are Kymsol

A team of ISS professionals from Scandinavia committed to serve our industrial customers with insulation and scaffolding  services, added with maintenance services.

In Kymsol’s value promise – Mission To Protect –we have simplified our business idea of how we add value to our customers and other stakeholders.

We are protecting with

  • high quality insulation and cladding works and products
  • professionally managed scaffolding and access systems
  • right and hardwearing surface treatment methods
  • fast and professional maintenance services

Saimaa Group

We are part of Saimaa Group, the largest insulation and scaffolding group in Finland. Other companies in the group include:



On time and done right

  • We find out what our customer needs, create a suitable solution, and fulfill our customers’ expectations in close collaboration with our customers and partners.
  • We keep our promises with regard to service, quality, and schedule.

Safely and reliably

  • We do not compromise on safety. We plan our work so that it is safe, and actively intervene in any issues we observe.
  • We operate responsibly, fairly, and sustainably towards people, the environment, society, and the economy.


  • We work as a team and lead by example. We take responsibility individually and as a group.
  • We take care of the professional competence and wellbeing of every member of staff. We develop our operations without prejudice and we share and utilise best practices.


You can get to know Saimaa Group more closely on their website at


See our global offices’ locations and detailed connection info.

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Invoicing information:
Kymsol Finland

The invoicing addresses for sending electronic invoices:
Company ID FI22929419
Electronic invoice address 003722929419
Electronical Data Interchange ID (EDI) 003722929419
Operator Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)


If you are not able to send electronic invoices, we ask you to send paper invoices to the purchase invoice scanning service. The address is:

Kymsol Oy (Apix scanning service)

P.O. Box 16112

To enable the scanning service to recognise your invoice, the invoice address above is to be printed on the actual invoice also, not only on the envelope.

The address of Kymsol Oy for email scanning is:


All other mail should be sent to our official postal addresses (view addresses).

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: or p. +358 201 881 100.


Privacy policy:

Kymsol privacy policy

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