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We at Kymsol are driven to serve our customers with unconditional attitude. Our extensive experience in industrial insulation, access, scaffolding and weather protection installations are the base of our wide-scale competence. We’ve got versatile experience which leads to customer-oriented, high-quality service in different industries. As a Nordic service company, we have no problem with harsh conditions, wherever on the globe your project or maintenance site may be.

We have an extensive network of skilled professionals, enabling us to deliver client-tailored projects smoothly and competitively. We have insulated pipelines that are used to transport liquids ranging from ice cream to molten steel, from milk to crude oil. Our projects are completed quickly and safely. With our services you can count on that the pipes and devices in processes will stay at the right working temperatures and protected from corrosion.

Miika Luttinen

Sales Director

+358 40 777 7539

We Solve the Extreme



Thermal or cold, we are responsible for project planning, material selection and implementation.

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Access and scaffolding

Access, Scaffolding & Weather Protection

Reliable and safe scaffolding solutions for industrial maintenance and project-specific sites worldwide.

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ISS – Total Delivery Service

Holistic service to improve your project security, schedule, control and minimize costs.

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Ready-to-install sheet metal products for professional builders and industrial sites.

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We support your production facility’s life cycle – even during operation.

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