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Reliable and safe scaffolding solutions for construction, industrial maintenance and project-specific sites worldwide.

We are proud to say we’re not daredevils. We offer safe, reliable and adaptable scaffolding solutions for various new construction objects and renovations. Our scaffolding services are provided by true professionals to ensure that construction and installation can start quickly and safely, without compromising the project schedule or taking unnecessary risks. A moisture-controlled supply chain for the duration of construction works is better guaranteed with weather protection equipment.

Engineering, assembly, over and out

Installation or construction work can be effortless. For smooth installation and dismantling, we ensure our operations with reliable engineering and material control software. Easy and safe personnel access and movement on the scaffolding levels saves time and reduces costs. Our more than 300,000 m3 volume scaffolding system fulfills the requirements of modern construction methods.

  • Industrial scaffolding
  • Infra
  • Weather protection
  • Construction scaffolding
  • Sky Climber (Snake platform)
  • Welding habitats
  • Rope access
  • Engineering
  • Digital Material management
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Antti Takkinen

Technical Director

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Weather protection

There are no bad locations. Up high, at minus degrees, we’ve done it before – and always safety first. The effect of bad weather on project schedules and costs can be considerable. Weather protection solutions are designed to secure working conditions for people and to guarantee the perfect result. There’s no height we cannot conquer. Our high-quality ALFIX, Layher KH and XI weather protections are suitable for every need.

Welding habitats

Welding habitats are used to create a safe module inside a hazardous area. Usually, a habitat system’s two main objectives are to prevent welding sparks or flammable gas from reacting with each other, and maintaining an ideal working temperature. Welding tents can be erected on the scaffolding and there’s no need to shut down the production line.

Snake platform

Our exclusive concept for insulation and surface treatment, Scanclimber Snake working platform, increases productivity especially at sites where normal scaffolding is not possible or affordable to assemble. Snake eases the material hauling and saves project time by decreasing the need to use stairs.

Rope access

Rope access allows workers to reach difficult locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or aerial work platforms. It is initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving. Rope access technicians descend, ascend, and traverse ropes for access and work while suspended by their harness. Safe and quick!

ISS – Total Delivery Service

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Pulp Mill Renovation

Departamento de Colonia / Uruguay

A three-year project for Andritz’ and Montes del Plata's pulp mill consisted of insulation work, high volume scaffolding and logistic solutions.

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Oil Tanker Life Cycle Renovation

Petrojarl Knarr / Norway

Improving the durability and sustainability of the oil tanker, in demanding weather and temperature conditions.

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LNG Terminal

Port of Röyttä / Finland

Industrial piping insulation, scaffolding work and weather protection for the largest liquefied natural gas terminal in the Nordic countries.

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