Surface Treatment

Long Live the Finishing

Sandblasting, metallization, fire protection, painting – you name it. Protect your process with our services.

To keep your process running, we offer inclusive surface treatment services in accordance with all specifications and requirements from customers, authorities and suppliers. Hold back corrosion, dampness and fire – a professional surface treatment project begins with engineering or inspection of the existing system. We consult and supervise the operations to enhance your process.

  • Sand blasting
  • UHP cleaning
  • Painting
  • Metallizing
  • PTFE coating (Xylan)
  • Automated solution (Robot painter)
  • Engineering
  • Passive fire protection
  • Powder coating

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Sandblasting & painting

For pre-treatment, we’re equipped and prepared. In the surface treatment center in Norway, we have several large blasting and painting halls. This is when the size does matter: enough space ensures short drying times and fast delivery.

The quality of the halls and the equipment exceed the current requirements for health, safety and the environment. In addition, we’re currently developing a robot to perform internal sandblasting of pipes.

PTFE / Xylan coating

PTFE coating – perhaps better known as xylan treatment – extends the lifetime of exposed subsea parts. It is widely used in all offshore oil exploration and production areas both underwater and above the surface. To improve visibility underwater, the surface treatment and color coding in many optional colors are performed in one operation. PTFE or xylan coating also reduces total operating costs of offshore industry. Less maintenance means shorter operational stoppages!

Fire protection

We’re authorized to perform Chartek, Jotachar and Pyroclad X1 applications and have a large equipment fleet. All our operators are certified and experienced. We have long experience with large PFP projects in the oil and gas market.

UHP cleaning

Many of our personnel are certified to perform ultra high pressure water cleaning. Our many years of experience has lead to efficient routines and procedures for performing UHP cleaning. We have a large, modern fleet of up to 3,000 bar UHP machines and robots.


Metallizing is executed by arc and gas, applying zinc, aluminium and other metals to prevent corrosion. Our large, modern equipment fleet includes 300 and 500 ampere arc equipment. All work is performed with approved documentation, in accordance with systems and requirements. We follow good practices in collecting and disposing of metallizing particles.

ISS – Total Delivery Service

Avoid unnecessary supplier shifts – choose ISS.

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