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The basis and goal of the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EIIF) TIPCHECK program is to provide a standardized, high-quality tool for the industry for checking thermal energy, which focuses on measuring the thermal performance of technical insulation systems.

With the TIPCHECK thermal energy review service, we assess the insulation systems of an object for the savings opportunities regarding existing and operational facilities, planned projects, additional investments, and maintenance. With a reliable report generated through the service, we can indicate how by improving your insulation you can also:

  • Save energy
  • Save money
  • Contribute to a cleaner environment

TIPCHECK promotes the energy efficiency potential of energy management systems, such as the ISO 50001, and can also help to identify:

  • Process improvement
  • Safety risks for the staff

The TIPCHECK is not intended to be a comprehensive analysis of the entire system. However, it does always have the tendency to identify places with the highest energy saving potential, and it has a fast payback period, generally within a year or even less. The extent of a typical TIPCHECK usually includes uninsulated lines with damaged or non-existent insulation.

Juuso Maajärvi

Project Manager

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