Skilled in All Circumstances

Thermal or cold, we are your partner in project planning, material selection and implementation.

During four decades, we’ve achieved a versatile range of experience in comprehensive insulation and maintenance projects in different fields of industry. We’ve executed pipelines and equipment for liquids ranging from ice cream to molten steel, from milk to crude oil. We’ve used all of the available insulation materials designed for various operating temperatures.

We’re a professional and experienced partner in insulation materials, structures and especially installation and assembly procedures. Choose our services, and you’ll gain from our expertise in project engineering, planning and budgeting.

Insulation services

In addition to thermal and cold & cryogenic insulation, we handle fire stop insulation and fire protection, asbestos removal, sound and noise insulation, electrical heat tracing planning and measuring thermal leaks. Comprehensive modification for pipelines and equipment – which means that we will be responsible for the painting, coating, heat tracing, insulation, and the mechanical protection/covering of the insulation material – is always the number one choice when there’s a need to prolong the life cycle of a system, not forgetting our maintenance services.

  • Thermal insulation
  • Cold & cryogenic insulation
  • Sound insulation
  • Prefabrication
  • CUI corrosion preventing
  • Passive fire protection
  • Personnel protection
  • Subsea insulation
  • Mobile workshop
  • Engineering
  • HVAC

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TIPCHECK – Thermal Energy Auditing

Don’t warm up for nothing. TIPCHECK is a standardized tool to measure the thermal performance of your process and indicate opportunities to save energy, money and planet Earth.

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Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation reduces heat transfer between the subject and ambient environment. Insulation enhances efficiency by saving energy and reducing heat loss and CO2 emissions. Typical applications for thermal insulation are process equipment, boilers, process pipelines, storage tanks, filters, flue ducts and industrial chimneys.

Cold & cryogenic

Always keep your cool! We’ve got expertise in operational temperatures below ambient and cryogenic temperatures below -150 °C (123 °K), all the way up to -269 °C.

Sound insulation

We design specific structures to decrease the impact of noise and achieve exact noise levels for example in working areas as required. Noise insulation is also a method for creating better acoustics.

Mobile workshop

Mobile workshops provide high quality insulation prefabrications at site, while reducing manpower, downtime and material costs.

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Pulp Mill Renovation

Departamento de Colonia / Uruguay

A three-year project for Andritz’ and Montes del Plata's pulp mill consisted of insulation work, high volume scaffolding and logistic solutions.

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Oil Tanker Life Cycle Renovation

Petrojarl Knarr / Norway

Improving the durability and sustainability of the oil tanker, in demanding weather and temperature conditions.

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LNG Terminal

Port of Röyttä / Finland

Industrial piping insulation, scaffolding work and weather protection for the largest liquefied natural gas terminal in the Nordic countries.

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ISS – Total Delivery Service

Improve project security, schedule, control and minimize costs.

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Miika Luttinen

Sales Director

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