Prefabrication Services

Avoid putting off until tomorrow what you can get installed today we offer ready-to-install prefabricated insulation products, sheet metal cladding, cable tray protection and copper work for professional builders and for industrial needs, shipping worldwide from our prefabrication plant.

Located in Oulu, Finland, our automated prefabrication plant manufactures parts tailored to the customer’s requirements, either as single items or a series.

Customer-specific metal sheets are suitable e.g. for:

  • Industrial pip, equipment and tank insulation
  • Renovation and restoration sites
  • HVAC objects
  • Storage
  • Material transportation
  • Protection
  • Building surfaces

Miika Luttinen

Sales Director

+358 40 777 7539

Prefabricated insulation products

At a competitive price and flexible schedule for your project, we deliver the pipes, segment angles, fire cases, corrugated metal sheets and various necessary molded items required for industrial and HVAC insulation. We also offer professional material requirement planning and design, contact us!

Custom sheet metal cladding

We manufacture and work sheet metal cladding for special objects, from very thin up to a thickness of several millimetres. The cladding can be various molded items, corrugated metal or roofing. Please ask about various storage solutions from thin sheet metal.

Casing solutions

We deliver sheet metal casing solutions e.g. for cable tray protection, protective screens, dust covers, or fire retardant casing. Fire retardant casings do not require separate fire protection coating on the cables; instead, cables are protected inside the casing. It is easy to reopen the casings to add or remove cables without separately detachable fire protection coating.

Copper work

Ask about our copper work and patination of copper, for instance for the interiors and exteriors of modern and historic buildings of cultural value.